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SentinelOne Products and Solutions
Endpoint security software that defends every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle


SentinelOne is the only platform that defends every endpoint against every type of attack, at every stage in the threat lifecycle.

SentinelOne Vigilance

SentinelOne Vigilance

SentinelOne Vigilance provides a turnkey solution to augment your security and IT teams by accelerating the detection, prioritization, and response to advanced cyber threats and reducing your risk of missing a critical alert that goes undetected.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

SentinelOne EPP for VDI

The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform offers a lightweight and efficient solution to secure the growing need for virtual environments, including thin clients, layered applications, and other VDI scenarios.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection: Deep Visibility

SentinelOne EPP: Deep Visibility

You cannot stop what you cannot see. Extend the power of your SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) with rich visibility to search for attack indicators, investigate active incidents and root out latent threats.

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform: Virtual Appliance

SentinelOne EPP: Virtual Appliance

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) unifies prevention, detection, response, remediation and forensics in a single platform driven by sophisticated machine learning and intelligent automation.

Confront the entire threat lifecycle to thwart the impact of attacks on endpoints. The SentinelOne platform delivers the defenses you need to prevent, detect, and undo—known and unknown—threats.

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“What sets SentinelOne apart from the rest is our behavioral, machine-based models that can really detect almost any type of attack without any prior knowledge.”

–Tomer Weingarten, CEO and Co-Founder
CEO and Co-Founder

SentinelOne earns NSS Labs highest ROI score and coveted “Recommended” rating.

Shrink dwell time by dynamically uncovering advanced attacks across any vector with behavior-based threat detection.

SentinelOne is a certified anti-virus replacement for Windows and MacOS.

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